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Code Miami was organized by Mauricia Ragland and the event was a great succes which successfully kicked off 2013 Miami’s growing tech scene.

Code Miami

I learned about the event from a fellow Pipeliner at Pipeline Brickell.  Pipeline Brickell, an inspired work community, has really nailed the concept of a coworking space in Miami bring together the perfect community of emerging markets, technology and professionals.

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Here is a quick five minute recap of the 1 hour presentation I gave at the Code Miami. Code Miami is an event bringing the Web App Community together in an environment to facilitate learning through speaker-hosted sessions, as well as informal peer discussions. The UnConf style discussions will be requested and voted on by participants, prior to the event.

Thank you to the sponsors: Startup Digest, Microsoft Internet Explorer and University of Miami. Personal thanks to my friend Herb for the inspiration.

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