Facebook Application Reaches 1 Million Monthly Active Users

BOALT’s Social Media Campaign, GOSO, launched a series of Facebook applications and today reached 1 million monthly active users  with its Facebook Welcome Page Application.  The company, which was founded over 10 years ago, started the campaign as an automotive vertical-specific social media management offering and has since expanded into other verticals. In only a few months, GOSO has grown significantly and is currently powering over 22,000 small to enterprise-level businesses around the world through the campaign.

The company has also developed custom solutions for top brands such as AutoNation, Ford, Harley Davidson, Nissan and successful movie actor Jon Heder, most known for playing the title character of the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite. Last year, GOSO was selected as an Official Honoree in the 14th Annual Webby Awards as well as named as a finalist in three categories for the 8th Annual American Business Awards.

“We love working with the BOALT team and their easy-to-use Facebook Applications. They have built a powerful suite of apps that cover all the groundwork for building an engaging experience on any Facebook Fan Page. We highly recommend them to our users based on the quality of the product, ease of integration & setup, and the results they produce. Marketers and Page Admins want to focus their attention on the messaging and engagement with customers — not get lost in the implementation of tools and tactics. GOSO make this easy to do and is a glass of fresh water among the many lemonade stands out there — truly refreshing,” said Rhett Stonelake, Director of Marketing at Appbistro, an online directory for Facebook applications.

“We’ve been developing the perfect suite of tools to enable businesses of all sizes to effectively communicate with their customers on all social media channels in a simple and engaging manner. The success of the Welcome Application shows how much businesses rely on Facebook to connect with their customers and that GOSO is just the company to help them make that connection,” said Ryan Riley, Strategy Director at BOALT who oversees the GOSO initiative.

BOALT is a privately owned company which has not received any outside capital since its inception. Their Facebook page description says it all, “Your Facebook page will thank you, your fans will love you.”

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