Google Shakes Things Up with AdWords Redesign

For the last year, Google has been redesigning everything. Trying to create a cleaner, more efficient Google. I think a lot of you will agree that AdWords has definitely been in need of an update for some time. Hopefully this is for the better.

Most of the changes are cosmetic. Not sure how many changes are going to be made in the functionality as they’re still tweaking. But if you want to see how it is changing, check out the video below. It will now have more of the streamlined google look with less superfluous spacing.

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Introducing Campaign Types

One functionality mentioned by Google is the addition of campaign types. When creating a new campaign, you choose the type of campaign it will be, meaning Search Network Only, Display Network or both. Depending on which you choose, the settings will change. Google believes this will make the experience simpler.

Google Campaign Types

We’ll see how it turns out. They are making some final changes before rolling it out.

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