TwilioCon 2012: San Francisco – Hackathon

I had plans on attending this years 2012 TwilioCon and due to some business obligations, I had to make a last minute change.  I was really excited about the Hackathon tonight and have been liking what I have been seeing.  I’m excited about AT&T and their new API, if time permits want to check out transcription service and a few other things.  I will be live blogging all night and I am available on twitter @boalt.

My main goal as I said in the contest submission is as follows tonight: What problem does your application/startup solve?

Enterprise solutions allow large businesses to have an advantage over small businesses, my goal tonight is to try to take a couple small things like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Email Analytics and Call Routing and simplify them to be user friendly and add them to Gmail.  I will be using sponsor APIs as per the contests rules: Google, AT&T, Parse, Amazon Cloudfront and Sendgrid.

More to come… setting up server to handle http transport, stack and db schema…


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