Innovative Direct Marketing Platform

New Orleans based start-up Dukky, came to us for strategic guidance on how to disrupt the direct mail industry. A medium which is widely used, its response rate has been quickly falling especially amongst the GenY and Millennials generations. Founder, Shawn Burst, and CEO, Jimmy Treutig, felt there was definitely room for improvement.

At the heart of the project, BOALT built a robust custom application platform to track customer conversion and deploy campaigns.

How do you revolutionize a tried and true marketing idea like direct mail? Direct mail has always been simply a shotgun approach. You saturate a geographic region and wait for people to respond. So, the challenge was to increase redemption without increasing volume. We explored a variety of mail-to-web solutions and knocked it out of the park.

BOALT developed a custom platform that combined emerging technologies to the direct mail process. Each direct mail piece included a personalized URL. When the recipient received the mail piece it had a variety of different redemption channels including custom landing pages, social sharing and more.

Using real-time analytics, retailers are able to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of a specific promotion which provides them with better insight to direct mail redemption. Since it’s inception, the platform has be widely adopted in other categories such as email marketing. Dukky was recognized in a feature cover story in Entrepreneur Magazine for its innovation.

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