Fedex Latin America
Increased Employee Adoption through Rich-Media Education

Educational Multi-Media learning for all of the Caribbean, South and Central America.

FedEx is a global market leader in integrated transportation, information and logistics solutions with over 140,000+ employees worldwide. The FedEx corporate umbrella provides strategic direction for five major operating companies: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Trade Networks.

The Problem

FedEx needed to train 140,000 employees this year on new products and services. FedEx required a cost-effective, comprehensive training method that could be deployed in a short period of time and leave a lasting impression upon its employees.

One of the greatest challenges FedEx faces in employing such a massive workforce is effectively keeping its people up-to-date on its new products and services. FedEx approached BOALT for help in this regard and the results of this unique partnership were substantial.

BOALT was able to clearly understand our needs at Federal Express. We were fortunate to find a firm with versatile capabilities like BOALT that could implement multilingual skills to make the necessary translations and voiceovers required by for this project.
– Alicia D Herdocia | Manager, Ecommerce and Marketing    

The Solution

An economical alternative to traditional corporate training methods, BOALT developed an interactive multimedia presentation in multiple languages. Due to the comprehensive nature of the information, BOALT designed a navigation scheme that would allow employees to effortlessly review subjects, locate detailed product information or browse general categories with just a click of the mouse. Created with custom technologies, professional voice-over and effective navigation, the training presentation runs over 45 minutes / per language in its entirety, is compatible with all FedEx workstations and is cross-platform so employees can access the training session from home.

The Results

The FedEx eBusiness learning solution eliminated the need for time-consuming and costly classroom training as employees can train themselves from their workstations or home. Interactive applications provide employees with an effective training session and an easy way to refer back to specific information. The custom eBusiness learning solution was developed in multiple languages and provided an easy distribution channel for all FedEx employees all over the world.

FedEx quickly deployed this interactive module worldwide and in the process effectively educated its global workforce about its new eBusiness applications while eliminating many of the travel and personnel costs associated with traditional training.

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