Hard Rock Hotel Madrid
Increased Online Bookings by 22% using Multi-Variate Experiments on Booking Engine

Hard Rock Hotels are 4-star boutique hotels offering first-class service and accommodations with tantalizing products that fully embrace our musical culture. Located in some of the hottest, most sought after tourist destinations and urban business centers on the planet, Hard Rock Hotels offer unique and exciting experiences for people that won’t settle for the mundane.

The Problem

To increase sales and awareness, the Hard Rock wanted to leverage online marketing and create a campaign that properly captured, promoted and translated its hip and exciting brand personality to Internet users.

The Solution

The Hard Rock launched an inventive and effective online campaign that entices consumers and reinforces the Hard Rock’s image and intrigue. Using targeted media placements and animation technology, the campaign draws customers in with clean visuals and poignant messaging and then quickly transports them to a site where the Hard Rock can close the deal (in this case make a reservation). A major and crucial part of this initiative is the regular analysis and weekly reporting on ad effectiveness and conversion rates provided by BOALT.

The Results

Boalt managed all media placement and creative development for this dynamic marketing effort that helped extend the core qualities of the Hard Rock brand while drastically improving their click-through ratio compared with online historic campaigns.

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