Norwegian Cruise Line
Increased Post-Booking Revenue

Creating multi-media sightseeing tours to help increase post-booking revenue opportunities.

BOALT built an interactive minisite for NCL's vast array of sightseeing tours and excursions.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Hawaiian Cruise lines needed an effective campaign to help boost sales  with their post booking customers. Their target was to engage customers that have already booked their trips and to up-sell them on other possible trip packages, tours and vacation excursions. We created an email nurturing campaign that used a series of timed emails that would be sent periodically as reminders of possible events and attractions that the customers could be made aware of and sign-up or learn more information. We also created a special interactive mini-site that linked from the email campaign to allow customers to explore and find out more information and sign up for these add-ons to their base packages. The campaign overall was an immediate success and allowed Norwegian Cruise Line to immediately see a boost in their sales revenue for their specialized sightseeing tours and excursions.

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