We have a unique approach, combining interactive expertise with traditional marketing to deliver unmatched results.

Results. You’re going to hear that word a lot.

BOALT is an internet marketing company headquartered in South Florida. We have deployed countless innovative solutions for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, helping generate millions in capitalization and revenue. Our core, singular focus is producing defined, measurable… wait for it… results.

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This is who we are, a boutique agency dedicated to helping our clients grow their brands online. We believe that in order to achieve success a strong, creative collaboration must exist between us and all of our clients.


For nearly 15 years, BOALT has been working in the online marketing space. We’ve set ourselves apart from all of our competitors by building a strong balance between great design and results-based solutions.

Awards & Associations

A little validation never hurt anyone and we’re not above bragging a little bit. However, we continue to back up these accolades with our consistent dedication to our work and achieving the goals of our clients.


There is a method to our madness. In fact, we’ve written it down, mostly so that the voices in our head would quiet down. Read our methodology and you’ll understand what kind of service you get when you hire BOALT.

News & Events

Our work has been featured on television, print and online. We’ve been recognized by some of the leading names in news and media. We’re proud to see this list of publications continue to grow as we continue to innovate.

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We help our clients make meaningful connections.
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