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Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine did a feature story called “The Future Has Been Delivered to  Your Mailbox.”  Adam Boalt, the founder of BOALT, was challenged by his long time friend, Shawn Burst, to disrupt the direct mail industry. A few months later, they launched Dukky.  Dukky’s clients, including Stine Mart and Chick-fil-A, exceeded their expectations of a 2.5 percent offer redemption rate by 16 times almost immediately.  BOALT was instrumental in the user experience design and development of the platform.

President Obama’s CIO, Vivek Kundra, Awards Adam Boalt First Prize in Innovation Contest

As CIO, Vivek Kundra headed the Open Data initiative as a way to promote transparency in government.  To start, a national contest was held called Apps for Democracy. Adam Boalt, founder of BOALT, was awarded 1st prize in the competition, the first ever technology contest in D.C.
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The World Bank: Apps for Development

The World Bank opened access to a large amount of data for people across the globe to develop life-altering applications designed to combat hunger and make people healthier around the world. Adam Boalt was invited to speak on Open Data with a few other presenters, including Tim O’Reilly, to kick off the initiative.
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J.D. Power & Associates Internet Roundtable

is an annual event in Las Vegas, Nevada for various members of the automotive industry to showcase different internet technologies and trends and how they relate to the automotive industry as a whole. Adam Boalt was invited to speak on a panel with representatives from Facebook and LinkedIn about the state of the automotive industry in the internet age and what the future holds.
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MotorWeek on the Speed Channel

In a televised segment called “Moving the Metal” during the Speed Channel’s Motorweek, Adam Boalt was interviewed on social media marketing best practices for automotive dealers. Adam offered various ideas on industry best practices and tips on how auto dealers should be leveraging social media in their current marketing initiatives.
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MIT Grassroots Mapping Initiative

BOALT was an active sponsor for a crowd-sourced mapping initiative started by MIT  students to track the Deepwater Horizon oil spill crisis in 2010. The project took high resolution images of the spill to gain a fuller understanding of how widespread the spill had become in hopes of predicting its impact on the environment.
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Introducing “The Evolution of Dance” to the Automotive World

Adam Boalt was invited to speak about the power of social media. Instead of simply talking about social media, BOALT decided to make social media come to life by inviting YouTube sensation Judson Laipply to perform “The Evolution of Dance.” Laipply’s video has been viewed nearly 200 million times worldwide.
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BOALT Presented with the Automotive Director at Google on Social Media.

BOALT was invited by the Direct Marketing Association of Detroit to be a panelist at their annual Automotive Integrated Marketing Symposium to speak on social media and interactive marketing best practices along with other industry experts, including the Automotive Industry Director at Google.
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Adam Boalt speaks at the Driving Sales Executive Summit at the Encore Resort in Las Vegas

As one of the earliest advocates for the expansion of social media in the automotive space, Adam Boalt was invited to speak at the Driving Sales Executive Summit. Boalt was chosen as a finalist for the Driving Sales Innovation Cup which recognizes innovative technological solutions for dealers.
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Hacking Innovation for Miami’s Tech Community

Adam Boalt was asked to be a featured speaker at the first Ignite Miami event, encouraging Miami’s technology community to be innovative and bold with their creative ideas. Adam’s presentation consisted of 20 slides, automatically advancing every 15 seconds, 5 minutes, designed to inspire others to innovate.
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Government Technology Magazine

BOALT was featured in an article in the July 2010 issue of Government Technology magazine titled “Do Apps for Democracy and Other Contests Create Sustainanle Applications?” after our First Prize award in the Apps for Democracy Contest.
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BOALT has been featured in…

BOALT has helped some of our clients to gain some considerable notoriety for their service and product offerings through various, prominent news media outlets. BOALT has been featured in...

Representatives from NASA and the CIA speak at “Tap the Collective”, a BOALT & Palantir Technologies Sponored Tech Event.

BOALT has sponsored many technology, social media and data events around the country. BOALT sponsored “Tap the Collective” which discussed ideas of how collective intelligence can overcome organizational barriers and operational inefficiencies in government settings.

Inside The Situation Room:

Adam Boalt was invited into the government’s Situation Room showing President Obama’s inauguration route on the application developed by BOALT.

BOALT is invited to tour Google Headquarters.

The BOALT team was invited to Google Headquarters to brainstorm online innovation initiatives.

Adam Boalt was selected as one of forty chosen out of over 1,000 innovators to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley event.

BOALT unveiled the Nissan LEAF Plant-A-Tree promotion. The campaign allowed anyone who liked the Nissan LEAF Facebook Page to have a tree planted. “It’s great to see an automotive group that is so environmentally conscious” said Leandro Monteiro, Trees for the Future.

BOALT and AOL host a DC Tech Meet Up for Washington D.C. Area Tech Professionals

In the summer of 2009, BOALT along with America Online (AOL) hosted a DC Technology Meet Up for technology professionals in the local Washington D.C. area to network and showcase some of their services. It was a great way to settle into the Washington D.C. technology community and a great way to find talented people.

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