Bringing YouTube’s “The Evolution of Dance” to Life

Introducing the Automotive World to Social Media

This was an interesting year for us. We had a lot of exciting things going on between the government open data initiatives and the launch of our social media campaign, GOSO.  Short for Go Social, GOSO was targeted initially at the automotive industry.  There are endless stories to tell, such as our founder getting a personal invite to Facebook’s headquarters, but let’s just say, this one topped them all.  Like any interactive marketing agency, you’re always looking for that “wow” moment.

What’s that one thing you can do to get the audience to remember you?  At the time, while we were all sitting in the conference room back at the office, it seemed like the best idea any agency could have dreamed up.  Instead of showing a video of the most popular video on YouTube, let’s seek out this dancing guy and have him come reenact the video on stage.  Well, the funny thing is, nobody really signed up for the presentation. To this day, we’re still wondering whether it was the fact that nobody thought they wanted to see a dancing guy from “the Youtube.” But somehow, things worked out. Maybe it was the sponsored lanyards, or wait, almost forgot, maybe it was that “tweet up girl” we hired last minute to help us promote the event. Nevertheless, with barely any pre-registrations, the room was full and there wasn’t enough seating in room for over 200 of the automotive industry’s leaders.  That was the day we made our mark in the automotive world and just a few months later we were working with 95% of all the automotive brands.  We’ll let you be the judge of this one…  Judson Laipply with his YouTube rendition of “The Evolution of Dance” (200 million views on YouTube and counting) introduced to the automotive industry. Bold.

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