We’re a digital marketing agency that is committed to two things. Your online marketing objectives… and ping pong.

Digital Marketing Agency

Our favorite two phrases: brand consideration and purchase intent.

Every day we strive to get results for you – it’s our clients’ success that drives us forward as a company. Whether it be creating an engaging social media campaign, lowering your cost per acquisition, or just getting that pesky snippet of javascript to be cross-browser compatible, we take a lot of pride in winning battles of all sizes — even on the office ping pong table.

BOALT was established in 1999 at the height of the internet technology boom, and we’ve lived through a variety of volatile economies over the years, adapting and staying agile with the emerging technologies. Our passion is applying creative digital experiences to our clients’ marketing objectives and goals.

Our versatile team brings the best of breed in creativity, web development and interactive strategy with applied business successes. We pool our expertise to help you build the perfect customer acquisition and retention strategy without sacrificing your brand. Our founder, Adam Boalt — also a successful serial entrepreneur, along with a team that craves award-winning user experiences have translated over the years into a roster of some impressive brands.

We’re collaborative in nature. We believe that in order to achieve success, a strong, creative collaboration must exist between all parties, including you, the client. Our belief is that everyone involved in the creation of any interactive experience needs to release their individual biases in order to think as a ‘user’ and understand the point of view of the audience of the objective. That’s our mindset, and if you work with us… yours.

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