You thought testing ended after college. The good news is we do the testing for you, while you reap all the benefits.

On average, landing page bounce rates range from 50-70%. This means more than half of your consumers are abandoning your site, which results in poor brand experiences and wasted marketing dollars. Through in-depth testing and experimentation, BOALT can diagnose the problem. It could be anything from the color of a photograph to the layout of the fields on a form. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we can implement a solution. You’ll be surprised to see how changes, whether subtle or drastic, can influence the success of your website.

A/B Testing

Is your site not performing as well as you’d hoped? Do you have high visitor traffic and a small conversion rate? Maybe you should test one version of your landing page against another. Then change what’s not working.
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Multivariate Experiments

Sometimes your website has multiple areas in need of attention. BOALT creates a test where multiple variables are tested in a rotating order to find the combination of assets that elicits the best response from your visitors.
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Looking for Higher Conversion Rates?
Our team of landing page experts will diagnose and fix roadblocks that keep your visitors from converting.
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