Use A/B testing to gain insight into visitor behavior, test layout ideas and increase your conversion rate.

A/B testing (sometimes referred to as Split Testing) is a great way to fine-tune your sales funnel, landing pages or lead acquisition forms by performing tests to compare two versions of the same content to learn which one converts better with your audience. By using tools like Google Website Optimizer, you can break down specific objects to test, like different call-to-action messaging or button designs, or set up redirects to compare one page theme vs. another. You can use any or all of these approaches, but it’s best to implement a solid and measured strategy so that you get the most out of your data as you test and refine your best performing layouts.

While Google will tell you that a 2.0% conversion rate is an ambitious target for a successful PPC campaign, BOALT routinely achieves conversion rates in that benchmark.

What are we testing?

We find that A/B testing is a great tool to generate experimental findings when you’re early in the refinement process. We tend to perform more drastic tests with layout and themes to help us decide on creative strategies. For instance, we might test the performance of imagery vs. blocks of text, or test different value propositions to see which ones perform and resonate well with consumers.

Typical test areas and items are:

  • Call-to-Action messaging and placement.
  • General messaging and value proposition.
  • Layout and general style of the page.
  • Image options.
  • Form elements.

A/B Testing vs. Multivariate Experiments

As we stated, A/B testing is a great way to start a simple testing process to test specific page elements against one another, or to see if layout A works better than layout B, and then refining it based on a “winner.” Multivariate testing is a much more granular process of isolating many small page elements and understanding their individual impacts on the conversion rate. Learn more about Multivariate Experiments.

Let us show you how we can utilize A/B testing to help refine your sales or lead acquisition process and increase your conversion rates.

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