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Adding the “e” to Business is more than adding revenue streams through online channels.

We've helped established eBusinesses improve their processes to increase their value metrics.

It becomes your business to leverage it and expand your business horizons. We have first-hand experience in utilizing the web to redefine business opportunities that were not accessible before. We have the innate ability to take complex business processes and, using varying levels of technology automation, to merge them into new business standards. Whether your goal is to sell wares or products, enhance relationships with clients or enhance your business workflow with advanced ways to manage supply chains, we have the strategy and capability to take you through the steps all the way from concept to fulfillment.

We’ve built eBusinesses from the ground up.

We can take your concept and show you how to bring it to life, or present you new ideas you never thought of. We specialize in merging technology with human factors to produce successful outcomes.

Getting your U.S. Passport renewed normally takes weeks. We can do it in 24 hours.

BOALT was intimately involved with concepting the entire supply chain fulfillment and backend technology for one of the largest business-to-consumer passport expediters. We helped build a completely customized infrastructure to process online orders, manage live call-centers and use smart marketing to increase sales and traffic. BOALT’s expertise has been crucial to the growth and success of this business, which takes the complicated process of U.S. passport processing and turns it into a process that can take place overnight.

We can help you architect every nuance of your business ideas and explore your opportunities.

Our deep background with user experience design and information architecture makes us a strong partner for companies in the early stages of starting eBusinesses. We excel in bringing ideas to the table to get the most out of what’s possible. If you have concepts and ideas that you think will be too difficult to execute, we can show you otherwise.

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