Building the perfect multi-million dollar property for their clientele, while looking perfect with their corporate branding
= a lot of perfection.

There are times when design and visual appeal can trump science. Perception and brand in some industries are the difference between working in the tens of thousands versus the millions. We worked with a prominent local Palm Beach, Florida general contractor, Woolems, Inc, on a series of interactive engagements that slowly turned into building their entire brand identity.

A large part of any company's brand is the strength of their web presence.

This is a sample corporate identity kit.

After launching their website, we started slowly to define their brand identity and put together brand guidelines to help them formalize their identity across all of their internal and external materials, from print collateral to job site signs and vehicle signage. We also put together a full set of document materials and sales presentation assets to help them increase their closing ratio on the proposal process.

Our efforts helped them unify their look, and their identity allowed them to focus on building great stories with the projects they completed. Clients flocked to them because of the way they presented themselves.

We produced a number of internal and external print assets to help them promote their company.

Our work helped them increase their visibility and transformed them into a high-end vendor for exclusive properties and multi-million dollar facilities. They went from being a local name to being a regional brand in a few short years, and now boast quite a reputation as one of the top builders in all of South Florida. If you’ve got millions to spend on remodeling your waterfront home, we suggest you call them.

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