We helped a major automotive retailer build memorable customer loyalty for their fans and followers.

Automotive dealers are accustomed to negative perceptions from most consumers. As a result, any time a consumer is confronted by a promotion that’s too good to be true, they’ll believe that is in fact the case. To help build their brand as a personal “consumer first” automotive retailer, AutoNation wanted to build a loyalty program that didn’t exist before.

BOALT helped AutoNation conceptualize a campaign dubbed internally as the “Mosaic” campaign. Externally, it was simply a concept of “We’re Giving Back — No Strings Attached.” And that’s exactly how the promotion worked. BOALT designed and built a landing page interface of the AutoNation’s brand icon “wayfinder”. The icon over the course of thirty days would slowly fill in showing profile avatars from participants from Facebook and Twitter who won random drawings on the mini-site. The prizes consisted of a variety of gift-cards of varying denominations. BOALT was actively involved in all aspects of the campaign, from the original strategy and consulting, to the design and development, and all the way through to fulfillment and customer outreach.

The promotion was a wild success and gained AutoNation valuable positive accolades from consumers, industry bloggers and journalists.

About AutoNation

AutoNation is one of the largest, publicaly-traded automotive groups in the United States. They have over 200 specific dealer locations, along with over 19,000 employees. BOALT helped AutoNation launch their social media and brand reputation initiatives from the ground up, across their hundreds of stores, markets, regions and at a corporate communication level.
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