Engage with your local customers and gain visibility by partnering with other local businesses for creative promotions.

We worked with JM Lexus in South Florida to help them build a social media campaign in the form of a movie ticket giveaway called “Night @ the Movies” to help them reach out to their customers and build local awareness. We helped them partner with a group of Muvico brand theaters in South Florida to aid and facilitate the fulfillment aspect.

BOALT built and deployed the entire campaign with a customized mini-site to handle the contest giveaway, along with the promotional aspect on Facebook and Twitter.

BOALT deployed the campaign program by building a mini-site to handle the giveaway. All the response was generated by engaging and sharing the promotion with JM Lexus’ local Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. Their customers could then share the campaign virally through their own networks, providing additional exposure for the JM Lexus brand on their own profiles.

The result? JM Lexus gained more visibility locally with their customers on their local networks. The experience also taught them how to engage with their customers in new and exciting ways through social media.

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