Take the initiative with your social networks and empower advocates to relay your brand values to local and national communities.

Toyota asked us to help them build community destinations for SCION on Facebook and Twitter to offer an outlet for niche audiences of the brand to share and communicate.

We implement strategies and solutions that allow your employees to become your advocates by encouraging them to interact and engage on behalf of your brand. But doing so requires sound protocols to ensure the messages they send don’t conflict with the marketing strategy of the brand and cause  inconsistency. Interactions should be natural and conversational; your audience isn’t looking to be sold, they’re looking to make connections.

Go Social.

To help our clients with the management and maintenance of their social media efforts, BOALT launched an internal campaign called GOSO, short for “Go Social,” which is now the social media service division of BOALT. We help our clients with their social media strategy, develop social media strategies and manage clients’ ongoing social networking outreach and brand monitoring initiatives as part of our monthly account management services.

Take charge of your communities.

We understand the value that social media has to your brand and your bottom line. BOALT can create your social media marketing strategy, or provide consultation on how best to implement the ideas you already have. We can design and build individual campaigns, or take your existing campaigns and guide you on how to promote them on your networks, blogs, micro-sites and through viral media outlets.

We've designed and implemented many different solutions for a variety of brands on Facebook.

Actor Jon Heder and filmmaker Nick Peterson asked BOALT to help them raise money on Kickstarter by implementing a social media campaign to raise awareness on an independent film project. After just a few days of implementation, they exceeded their goals and produced an award-winning short film called "Drained".

Facebook campaigns and brand pages.

Facebook is currently the dominant media brand in social media, with no signs of slowing down. Almost every social media engagement we work on utilizes Facebook in some way as a key driver. We’ve built many custom solutions for Facebook for some large brands — from customized pages and timelines, to apps that work inside of the Facebook ecosystem so your audience can engage with your brand without leaving.

Some of the services we’ve provided our clients:

  • Consulting plans and posting ideas for campaigns to promote interactions
  • Creating contests and promotions
  • Consulting on strategy for utilizing offers and coupons
  • Help with integrating the best third-party software
  • Custom creative assets for Brand Pages and Timelines
  • Custom apps that showcase your product inventory from external sources
  • Lead generation and signup forms for services

We have a deep understanding of all of the best practices to leverage social media and network management. We’ve attended and have been ask to speak at some of the largest industry events to lend our thoughts and ideas and to educate national brands at an enterprise level. We recognize the benefit a sound social media strategy can have with brands of all sizes: from a national enterprise level all the way down to local franchises. Let us help guide you.

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