Our dynamic landing page designs combine extensive research, behavioral strategies and rapid testing to create controlled post-click experiences.

What are they here for? Of course you know what you want from your audience or potential customers. Now, the key is seeing if you can visualize their viewpoint and how they perceive your value proposition. This is an important concept to remember when approaching landing page design. We understand the value of pinpointing the factors that can impede customers from continuing down the sales or lead path you place before them, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Consistency of messaging… do it with dynamic landing pages.

How did that customer get to your landing page? Most likely from an ad you placed. One of the most important elements of a successful landing page is consistent messaging. Your ad makes a promise to get that valued click, and you need to keep that promise on your landing page with some continuity of messaging. You don’t ever want to bait and switch your audience. That’s an easy way to see your pay-per-click dollars go up and your conversion rate go down.

Dynamic landing pages allow you to generate hundreds, if not thousands, of variably messaged landing pages that can be synced with your PPC ad groups or banner messages instantaneously. Every variation can have its own unique landing page, ensuring that the message the customer sees remains consistent.

We can dynamically generate landing pages to work with any of your marketing channels from:

  • Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Affiliate traffic segments
  • Inbound links
  • Banner ad messaging and creative
  • Search keywords from any query

Funnel Optimization

Your landing page is the first layer of a defined sales path that gets narrower in focus as the user makes their way through each defined phase — in other words, a funnel. At BOALT, we’ve done countless landing pages attached to funnels that range from complicated sales structures where users make a number of decisions to generate leads and signups, to simple product shopping carts to entice credit card authorizations. It’s our iterative process that allows us to learn on the fly, scrap what’s not effective and replace it with things that are.

Here’s an A/B example performed for an online diet company we worked with.  We experimented with different product brands to see which one had a higher click-thru rate in order to gauge where our focus should lie.

Funnel optimization can be as simple as items like the design or color of a button, the amount of copy used to describe a service or product or the general layout of the page. They all have a large impact on the overall effectiveness on your landing page and overall sales funnel. We analyze every actionable touch point to work towards the lowest drop-off rate, performing extensive testing and experiments with layouts and calls to action.

A/B Testing is a rapid, live analysis that compares the effectiveness of two landing pages with similar elements. The goal is to quickly learn if one call to action or messaging point is getting more response as opposed to another, or if one product offering is performing better.

Performing Multi-variate Experiments is a great way to quickly discern the the performance of a particular conceptual approach, whether it be based on creative factors, or messaging and copy.

Outlining a successful landing page and funnel means deconstructing every possible element that could help or hinder your audience from understanding your value proposition. The goal is the ability to take your customer’s hand and walk them down the path you’ve set.

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