Intuitive intranets, extranets or consumer portals designed to increase productivity, manage workflows and educate or manage customer groups.

We’ve worked on dozens of clients with their business portals over the years. Above are some notable examples.

Large enterprise-level businesses or companies that are trying to manage audience communities rely on open or closed portals to complete business objectives or manage their customers. We have extensive experience planning and executing the user experience design (UXD) for and overseeing the development of dozens of business portals over the years for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

BOALT helped develop an extensive business portal for broadcast professionals for Sony’s Latin American customers.

Accessible makes it usable.

Many 3rd party tools now support Open Authentication (OATH), which makes it convenient for you to build a seamless login process for employees or customers of your business portal.

Information Architecture.

Our process starts with planning and research, but the meat of building a usable business portal is structuring the base architecture of the user experiences to insure every interaction is maximized and that there are no wasted opportunities.

We re-architected Lehman Brothers client/broker extranet and made it more intuitive, increasing its usage and effectiveness.

Before we paint a single pixel, we produce a series of user flowcharts and experience maps to chart out navigation schema, content groups and segmenting functions and actions within the portal. From there we produce detailed wireframes and schematics, or rapid prototypes to help our internal and external teams test some UXD concepts with a scaled-down working HTML prototype.

Our specialty is working in unison with our clients’ internal information technology teams to gather not only the technical requirements and business use cases, but to really delve deep into the core strategy — helping us plan our clients’ goals.

We can play well with others.

If there’s a question on whether our solutions can be effective with systems you’re currently using for your customer relationship management, there’s simply no need to question it. We’re very familiar with the integration with many of the major CRM providers, and even some of the smaller ones. Allow us to guide you on how to maximize your current business processes with some fresh strategic ideas.

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