Eliminate technical barriers to adding content to provide greater control of and collaboration with your own web technologies.

We build almost all of our web solutions using some form of content management system (CMS). Our preferred platform is WordPress because of its wide support and robust open-source framework. We’re able to customize a lot of the editor configurations for our needs while providing our clients more control. We can also provide solutions using Drupal and Joomla, along with customized Tumblr integrations, but at heart, we’re all about WordPress.

We have experience working with any of the main CMS solutions, but we prefer and recommend the flexibility of WordPress.

We’ve built a number of solutions for larger organizations, like charities, public sector companies and medium-sized corporations. One item worth mentioning is that getting the most from your CMS requires a solid process internally within your organization that dictates roles and responsibilities to define how content is managed and posted. That’s why we feel it’s equally important to work with our clients on proper training tools and style guidelines so that they feel empowered to manage their own marketing content.

Here are some basic items we integrate into WordPress to make your solution more responsive post-launch:

  • Defining image widths and heights so that WordPress can auto re-size images as needed.
  • Limit or prevent the installation of third-party WordPress plugins that could potentially create code conflicts if left un-managed.
  • Setting the depth of the navigation menu calls to prevent situations like a two-tiered dropdown menu becoming a broken six-tier dropdown.
  • Creating shortcodes for custom HTML snippets that can be added to pages and posts and can be easily managed and updated.

We can help you design and build a customized content management system so you can take full control over your online marketing content publishing. From simple blogs to complex web sites with heavy content structures, we’ll facilitate designing the right infrastructure to allow you to take the wheel.

Need Your Own Content Management System?
Not only can we build it for you, we can provide you the tools to make it usable
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