We’re more than capable of building application experiences that extend beyond the out-of-the-box solutions already conceived.

We helped GE Interlogix’s security engineers with an application interface that allowed users to monitor security camera feeds.

There are times when ideas and concepts call for web technologies that simply do not exist.

If you have a business problem that calls for a custom-built solution, that’s something we have first-hand experience in. We thrive on those types of challenges, especially the ideation aspect of conceptualizing functions and coming up with the solutions for  how to drive them.

One area of specialty that is now a web standard is bridging mashups between API’s (application program interfaces) of other web applications.

Defining the meaning of Gov 2.0.

BOALT built an application for the local government of Washington D.C. that used a mash-up of a variety of open-source web API’s, winning awards in the process. The subsequent exposure to the successful development of this app led to The World Bank inviting Adam Boalt, our founder to be a guest speaker on a panel discussion on their Open Data Initiative.

BOALT from the very beginning, has embraced the advent of the “Gov 2.0” way of visualizing data transparency in the interactive technology space. One example is an application we developed for the local government of Washington, D.C. called D.C. Historic Tours. By using historical government data and mashing up data feeds from Yelp, Google Maps, Flickr and Wikipedia, we built an experience that allowed users to explore downtown Washington D.C. on a map, plan a route, and view historical facts, points of interest, great places to eat and even user-uploaded photos along the way.

Our work on D.C. Historic Tours was recognized by the technology industry in Washington D.C. when we received First Place, Agency Winner in the Apps for Democracy Technology Innovation Contest partially organized by President Obama’s CIO, Vivek Kundra and the Mayor of Washington D.C., Adrian Fenty. View Video ››

Social applications are socially acceptable.

We have a lot of experience integrating with API’s from Twitter and developing custom applications that work within Facebook pages. One experiment we created was a sentiment-enabled scorecard for the CW television series Gossip Girl. We designed a simple algorithm that monitored public tweets based keywords or #hashtags of the show’s main characters, producing a real-time feed of positive and negative terms people used to describe them along with a leaderboard. Even if it didn’t happen, Blake Lively wins in our books all the time.

We can conceptualize, design and custom build any rich-media application your business goals call for. If you have an idea, let us show you the way.

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