We help brands build meaningful engagement with their customers through social media channels.

Social media contests & promotions can help your business with customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

We’re evangelical about the value of maintaining your brand and extending it out to your customer base. It’s a great way to build communities and really get involved with your audience, building marketing momentum that’s often difficult to measure with traditional metrics. We’ve had a lot of industry success in helping brands, companies and individual business leverage the outreach potential of social media, producing valuable experiences for them — and their customers.

We developed a custom Facebook promotion for the launch of the Nissan LEAF. To help build awareness, we created the “Plant a Tree” promotion that allowed consumers to sponsor a tree to plant in environmentally adverse countries.

We developed a variety of promotions, ranging from essay submission contests with a special app within Facebook, to building custom applications as stand-alone sites that leverage social sharing as a way to drive the promotion. Other contests included movie ticket and gift-card giveaways designed to build customer loyalty.

Love Your Ride, Love Your Customers.

Tammy Darvish, vice president of DARCARS Automotive Group, a privately owned group of 34 franchises in the Washington Metro area, is one of the most influential voices in the automotive industry. Darvish approached BOALT and GOSO after learning about our success with social media through various industry functions and speaking engagements, and asked that we develop a special campaign for her customers.

The result was a promotion called “Love Your Ride”. BOALT created a mini-site that allowed their customers to login using their Facebook or Twitter account and post pictures of themselves hugging or expressing “Love” for their vehicles. Users would then post their photos on their networks, and ask their friends to vote for their submission. DARCARS gave away a variety of prizes, ranging from premium products like iPods to service-related gifts like oil changes and car detailing.

Our success with creating campaign promotions with social media channels in the automotive industry led us to work with many of the major OEM’s in the industry, along with some of the largest retailers. We helped Ford extend their Ford Fiesta Movement on some of their reseller’s social networks through a custom-built solution for Facebook. Learn more about our work with the Ford Fiesta Movement.

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