Email marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing methods. But only if you’re doing it correctly.

BOALT offers consulting services on creating company email marketing campaigns that target your customers.

BOALT can develop highly creative campaigns, such as Internet promotions and contests, to generate proprietary permission-based lists. We have experience generating massive response. Whether you want to support customer retention and loyalty outreach programs or generate permission-based lists for client acquisition marketing, BOALT can work with you to strategize on ideas that meet your email marketing goals.

Email NewsletterEmail Newsletter

Maximize your database of clients with well-planned, strategic email communications. Don’t spam your customers. Create useful, interesting content that converts your customers through segmented emails or mass emails.
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Lead Nurturing EmailsLead Nurturing Emails

Not all leads will convert the first time they visit your website. We create emails that are triggered when customers reach certain milestones on your website or abandon your site altogether. Let’s get them back to your site and get them buying.
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