Paid Search and Organic Search: A holistic approach to Search Engine Marketing

There is a lot of content on a search result page.

There are the paid ads at the top and right side of every page. There are the natural, non-paid search results in the middle that link to relevant web pages. Then there are the local listings on Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. Each content area is another way to reach your customers. An Integrated Search approach is about getting your business in as many of those content areas as possible so that your brand is top of mind for everyone searching with the keywords relevant to your business.

Local & Geo-Targeting

Location marketing is a great way to target your local community. Even with nationally targeted campaigns, making them feel local through geo-modification is a great way to improve the success of a campaign.
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Integrated PPC & SEO

Creating ad campaigns for paid search and optimizing your website for organic search almost guarantees that your brand will dominate a search engine results page and increases the likelihood that customers will visit your site.
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Global & International Search

For brands and businesses with a global reach, optimizing your website for international search engines will improve your paid and organic search ranking on multi-lingual search engines in the regions you’re targeting.
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How's Your Search Engine Rank?
An integrated approach is the best way to go.
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