Global & International Search Strategies

Global Search Marketing is about bringing an international audience to your brand.

You can no longer be US-centric with your Organic and Paid Search campaigns. BOALT has the resources and expertise to plan and execute your Global Search initiative.

Already have an established US-based website? BOALT can set up country-specific web footprints for your brand. However, there is more to Global Search Marketing than just translating your existing web pages to another language. A search engine marketing company must know the importance of localization, and your company’s keywords and link building must take the culture and customs of each nation into account.

International SEO

The Internet shrinks our world more and more every day. Instead of “six degrees of separation” from anyone else on the planet, it’s now only 4.74 degrees. Because of this shrinking world, exposing your business to an international audience is within your fingertips. However, it is a complex endeavor that requires an understanding of cultural sensitivity, customs and international laws and best practices. What’s acceptable in one country may not be acceptable in another. Localizing your content is very important. At BOALT, we have worked with multinational companies before to spread a global message.

Hispanic Segment

The Hispanic segment of the Internet market is expected to continue its dramatic growth. As this significant demographic expands, it is essential for brands to employ a much more effective search marketing strategy.

As the number of Spanish speakers connecting to the Internet increases in both the United States and Latin America, the opportunities for significant rewards in Hispanic search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns continue to expand.

Since U.S Hispanics use the Internet in both languages, brand messaging transmits doubly. Running campaigns in both Spanish and English propels qualified visitor volume and conversions to your site, dramatically lowering cost-per-customer acquisition.

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