Integrated PPC & SEO Management

PPC and SEO are two different online marketing methods that work together to give businesses a competitive advantage.

PPC is a paid advertising structure where you as the business owner and advertiser pay for ad placement on search engine results pages or third-party websites on content networks. SEO is the process of making your website more visible in organic or natural search results. It differs from PPC in that you’re improving your visibility in unpaid areas.

An integrated PPC and SEO strategy is when the two work together to reinforce one another. What you learn from one aspect of your online marketing can be used to improve your strategy in the other. When both are optimized properly, you firmly dominate both the paid and unpaid search space.

How SEO & PPC Work Together

  • Taking up as much of the SERP real estate as possible with any specific search query, as in the natural and the paid areas of a search page, increases your visibility and your chances of a customer clicking over to your website.
  • Ad copy is constantly tested by its click-thru rates. Use copy from successful ads and include it in calls to action on your website.
  • Integrate organic referral data to help determine new PPC campaigns.
  • Use keyword data from pay-per-click campaigns to boost your site optimization and SEO strategies.
  • Schema and other rich snippet data from your website can be integrated into your ads.

BOALT is different from other agencies because we don’t discuss these principles in terms like “SEO vs. PPC.” Through our years of experience, we know that each brings a specific benefit to a business’s online footprint. We manage both your SEO and paid search in tandem so that they work together and not against each other. It’s never SEO vs. PPC, it’s always SEO & PPC.

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