Local & Geo-Targeting Search

Location, location, location.

That old real estate cliché is annoying because it’s true. It’s also true for online marketing. Despite the far-reaching capabilities of the Internet, being able to market to specific geographic locations is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. The ability to make a campaign, even a national campaign, feel local through geo-modification contributes significantly to the bottom-line success of your efforts.

Benefits of Geo-Targeting

According to a Pew Internet Research study, 74% of smart phone owners use their phone for real-time location-based information. 18% use a geo-targeting service like Foursquare to check in wherever they are. When you factor in the overwhelming growth of mobile browsing, it’s clear that businesses must develop local strategies for their brick and mortar businesses.

Location Improves Ad Performance

Targeting your online marketing efforts towards countries, states, or cities that are more relevant to your product is just smart business. But how optimized are your campaigns? With in-depth reporting features, you can determine where your ads aren’t performing. Adjust those ads with variable text, and you can take a national ad and make it personal by targeting specific cities, which has proven to bring results.

The global audience still needs that local feeling. Geo-targeting can find your visitors locally and market directly to them. BOALT can help you do it.

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