Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to build your sales team. Publishers do the heavy marketing, you reap the rewards.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to grow your business.

It’s a pretty straightforward partnership between yourself and publishers. Advertisers allow publishers to promote their products or services through the publisher’s respective websites. Most often this is by linking to your products or services through ads or links within the body of a page. Advertisers pay a commission to these publishers for each sale they bring in.

The great thing is that you don’t pay unless they complete the action. You only pay publishers for results, making it a low-risk and high-reward part of your online marketing strategy. Although the pay-for-performance model sounds easy, it requires a tremendous amount of time and resources. BOALT sets up a program to monitor the affiliates to ensure you’re getting paid, while also putting to use any pertinent collected user data for additional SEO and online marketing purposes.

Affiliate advertisers have access to thousands of blogs, websites and forums to distribute their content to, and publishers are motivated to push your product because they have a financial stake in the success of your campaigns.

BOALT has worked with affiliate networks like LinkShare for many clients. We follow best practices with the publisher relationships we’ve developed so that we can protect your brand from affiliates with more objectionable advertising practices.

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