By 2015, display ads will overtake search ads as the top online ad segment. You’d better get started.

Source: comScore Ad Metrix, Jan 2011 to Dec 2011

Display ads are everywhere. They’re the billboards of the Internet.

And you’re wondering who even clicks on them. The sad truth is a lot of people do. Display advertising is very effective. Fortunately, display media is where BOALT shines. It combines our immense knowledge of online marketing with our strong design skills. Two things we like to brag about.

One thing you have to know about display ads is that they have low click-through rates. But that’s not a bad thing. A click-through rate isn’t always the best way to measure effectiveness. What makes display ads so effective is that they build your brand affinity and raise awareness for your company. There are a great many places to place display ads. Facebook is the top online display ad publisher based on impressions, which makes sense because of how much time people are spending on the social network.

Banner & Rich Media Ads

Display advertising is the closest online advertising segment to what consumers consider traditional advertising (TV, print, billboards, etc.) because it incorporates so many visual elements like photos and clever copy. The most common display ads are banner ads. They come in various sizes depending on the websites you’re targeting with your advertising efforts. Banner ads can include everything from text to logos and pictures.

Rich media ads are more interactive and often include videos, audio and animation. Rich media solicits a higher level of engagement from visitors. But all in all, display ads catch visitors’ eyes and engage them.

Retargeted Advertising

Advertising across all the major websites in hopes of connecting with customers would cost tens of thousands of dollars. One way to mitigate this enormous cost but still achieve similar results is with BOALT’s Retargeted Advertising services. Imagine if your ads went where customers that you knew liked your product or your brand went. With Retargeted Advertising we observe user behavior on your website, then send targeted messages to users after they leave your website to convince them to return.

It’s a perfect way to recapture lost leads. They made it to your site. They looked at your products and they decided not to buy at that time. With our retargeting advertising services, we can give them that extra push they need to come back and complete their purchases.

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