Smart phones and other mobile devices are the fastest growing marketing platform.

With over 5 billion mobile devices in use daily across the planet and the fact that mobile users will surpass desktop users in the coming years, it’s easy to see the benefit of mobile advertising.

Does your marketing strategy include a mobile strategy? It should. Everyone, from pre-teens to seniors, is using mobile devices and tablets. It’s a wide demographic and getting bigger everyday. And mobile advertising is now coming of age as advertisers are learning new and more insightful ways to best to reach mobile users and to exploit the hardware to create the most engaging and visible ads. The limitations of the devices are being pushed daily.

Advertisers are purchasing larger ad volumes and creating content like mobile websites, in-game advertisements, and click-to-call search ads to increase consumer engagement and improve the return on investment. Not to mention the meteoric rise of location-based advertising. Through the creation of local advertising campaigns with geo-modified ads, advertisers are able to connect with customers in a more personal and relevant way. Until mobile, this potential was never fully realized, because when you advertise on mobile devices, you’re literally connected to the customer. Where their phone goes, they go. Where they go, we touch them through mobile advertising.

Taking into account increased hardware capabilities, we’re no longer limited creatively. Mobile advertising is extremely sophisticated, engaging, and interactive. Interactive rich media ads have a higher click-through rate and the technology of today’s mobile devices allows advertisers to create stunning rich media ads.

BOALT has worked in many mobile advertising mediums including the creation of mobile landing pages, interstitial ads, mobile search ads, rich media and SMS ads. Our goal is to get your message into the hands of the right mobile users to maximize your return on investment.

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