All of your customers are on Facebook. You should be too.

Facebook and Twitter are everywhere. Facebook boasts over 800 million users, while Twitter is quickly catching up as they near 600 million.

That’s a very deep audience pool to hit. Advertising on social networks is growing in popularity and effectiveness. Measuring the value of social media advertising before you start a social campaign is important.

There are essentially two sides to BOALT’s social media marketing strategies. First is the more interactive approach of Social Network Management, where you listen and engage with your audience through the various social networks. The second is through ad placement on social networks. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, there are various ad units available to target each network’s respective users.

With social media advertising we have access to a tremendous amount of data. We can pinpoint your customer base down to gender, age, hobbies, viewing habits and interests. Once we’ve identified your core audience, we can initiate an ad campaign that hits that audience when and where they are most likely to be responsive to your ads, no matter which social network they use.


People spend an unbelievable amount of time on Facebook. As advertisers, you go where your audience is. Facebook provides multiple ad units. With the introduction of Timeline and Premium Ads that turn page posts into interactive ads, Facebook has made advertising a more integral part of their business model — one that businesses can take advantage of for their own benefit.


Twitter’s advertising capabilities are much more limited than other social networks in terms of ad units, and they can be very expensive. But with their set of promoted features, like Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Followers, you can always get yourself noticed.


YouTube is an online powerhouse. It’s the second largest search engine and serves over four billion videos everyday. But to advertisers, YouTube is relevant because of how engaged YouTube visitors are. YouTube ad units, like In-Stream Videos and InVideo overlays, can be very effective at pushing your message because your ads are so ingrained with YouTube content.

BOALT works with each of our clients to create a social media advertising strategy designed around your business goals.

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