It is a well-known fact that top-ranked websites can create enormous online wealth for businesses.

When users look for something in a search engine, they typically only read the first few results.

For over 10 years, BOALT has been working with clients to create and maintain organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings that yield results. Our clients appear at the top of organic search when someone queries the keywords that are relevant to their business. SEO is more than website metadata. It requires an in-depth and well-thought-out content strategy that reflects your brand identity and culture. We work with you to create search engine-friendly menus, content, images, videos and anything else that appears on your search. If it’s on the site, it should show up in search and we’ll help you get it there.

Search Engine Optimization

We bring expertise on how search engines function, how to determine what keywords and terms your customers are searching for, and how to ensure that your site is on top of every search results page for the queries relevant to your business.
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On-Site Optimization

Through effective search engine optimization, you’ve increased your site visitors.  Now, it’s time for you to optimize your on-site content to ensure that your new visitors find your pages and convert to new customers.
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Content Strategy

The first step to a great content strategy is identifying your customers. Then, mold your website content to attract those customers. Your content should reflect what it is about your brand that your customers want and how they can get it.
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