You know what they say: content is king.

Well-researched, well-written and well-designed content is fundamental to the look, feel and texture of your website or ads.

You’ve worked hard on your SEO to send visitors to your website. Now let the content sell them. Let the content turn that visit into a transaction.

Creating an effective content strategy is a long process. We start with an understanding of your business goals. We have to know where you want to take your business. Then, we analyze your existing content to find out what’s missing and uncover opportunities for improvement. Next, we wireframe and design the pages, creating an information architecture that lets you see how everything fits together. Once approved, we put our designs into action. After that, we’ll take it live, monitor the content and maintain it.

Understanding your website’s content and organizational structure is key to a successful user experience. BOALT will help you establish a solid information architecture based on your preferences and build a navigation hierarchy to suit your customer needs.

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