Title tags. H1 tags. Alt tags. Keywords. Canonical URLs. Just saying canonical is tough.

Each webpage must be optimized for two things: the end user and search engines.

But the search engines are really just about getting the end users to your page to convert. For your page to rank high on every search engine you have to look at the key elements of your page:

  • The page title.
  • Your body text and keyword density.
  • Image filenames and alt tags.
  • Head tags.
  • Body tags.
  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Inbound links.

Each of these elements has a specific purpose in developing your on-site SEO. Working in conjunction, they are just a few of the dozens of things that if optimized correctly on your site, will help you rank high on search engines.


The most important part of your on-site optimization is your content. It can be difficult to write things that are both beneficial to your SEO while also seeming natural and appropriate. A lot of businesses will pack their content with keywords, but then the content is unreadable. Beyond that, you have your site performance and other factors to consider, as well. But have no fear — it’s all manageable with the right team.

Link Building

The pages you link to have a bearing on the credibility of your site. When search engines crawl your site and find pages with links, that is factored into your site’s web rank. But this doesn’t mean that websites should load their pages with unnecessary links. BOALT works with your business to develop a content strategy that includes appropriate links, links that are relevant to your brand and provide appropriate content that won’t reflect poorly on your site. We help you link to topics and sites who share your content message and ensure they link to the appropriate page on your site to guarantee that all links work toward your goals.

BOALT will help optimize the performance of your website by crafting content that accurately reflects your company goals and mission while keeping SEO top of mind.

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