If customers can’t find you in their search results, you don’t exist.

The first step in a successful SEO strategy is to identify the right key words.

Our search experts research the keyword landscape to create a winning approach to high traffic and conversion. We continue to gather data to analyze so that we can adjust the keywords as user search behavior evolves.

In addition to keyword strategy, BOALT takes traditional SEO programs to the next level by utilizing additional tools to optimize your business, including: website copy, press releases, online product catalogs, pay-per-click and backward linking. BOALT’s comprehensive approach to Search Engine Optimization will increase your rankings while minimizing your costs.

Successful Search Engine Optimization requires dedicated time and commitment to ensure your position online. BOALT provides ongoing analysis and services reporting so you can measure your return on investment and the SEO impact on your bottom line.

Local SEO
e-Commerce SEO

Most consumers and businesses use the internet to find business locations because the bulk of customers still prefer visiting a physical location for certain products and services. Because of this, the importance of Local SEO is huge. You must claim your locations and optimize your SEO so that you show up on the front page and your business can be found.

E-commerce SEO is different from optimizing for a regular website. It involves a more dynamic approach because your e-commerce site is constantly changing with the addition of new products. We work with the various product feeds and understand how each of their sites impact your SEO. When done right, our approach takes your business to the next level.

You have to stand out in the crowd.

Your search listing is the first thing customers see about your business. To effectively promote your business online, your website must be optimized so that when search engines crawl your site, they know exactly what your business does and it appears in the search results accurately. So, your copy must hit on all the keywords that your target audience will be searching for. To do that, BOALT has to understand your business and its goals. From there, our copywriters will write copy that makes those goals clear and also makes it clear to customers who you are and what you do so that all leads that come in are qualified leads. We don’t push load your site with irrelevant keywords or copy just to increase visits. We do things right.

Let BOALT audit your website’s SEO to see where you rank in organic search and help you understand how to get your site to the top, where visitors will find it.

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