We help our clients succeed by listening to the stories in their data and acting on the truths we uncover.

We understand the intricacies of data and how they impact your bottom line.

Analytics are more than just graphs and charts. They are a road map to a leaner, meaner, more successful online business. By collecting and analyzing your campaign and website analytics, we can uncover and implement the necessary changes to meet your marketing goals. Whether you want to increase traffic to your site or to lower the cost per acquisition of your paid search ads, the analytics light the way forward.

Google Analytics

The data tells you everything you need to know about your campaigns. BOALT has a team of Google Analytics-certified professionals who can help you optimize your Google Analytics to mine the data you need to succeed.
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Call Tracking

Do most of your leads come through phone calls? Track those calls by keywords to know which search terms lead callers to you and which of those leads become customers. Bring the same analytics you have with online ads to your phone leads.
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