Phone leads are more qualified and higher valued than clicks…
So shouldn’t you know more about them?

Most businesses depend on phone calls for the majority of their leads.

But people are still finding your phone number online. Google and other mobile marketers have also enabled click-to-call features in mobile web pages and ads. So the question is, are you tracking your phone leads?

Just as you want to know what keywords are converting online, you need to know what search queries are generating phone leads. Our custom call tracking system integrates seamlessly with your website and marketing campaigns to give you real-time business intelligence and offline conversion tracking.

With our tracking software we can show you detailed information on each call.

  • The call source. Did the call come from an organic search query or a paid search ad?
  • Call times and call lengths.
  • The keyword they searched to find you.
  • The caller’s geographic location.
  • Recordings of the call.
  • And many other features…

Why Track Phone Calls?

Phone calls have some of the highest conversion rates, hitting over 40% on average for some businesses. Imagine what you could do with more data on your phone calls.

  • Convert and generate more leads through efficient campaign organization with more in-depth lead data.
  • Maximize your marketing spend by focusing less on keywords that never convert and more on the keywords that do.
  • Integrate your offline and online lead sources into one analytics database, so you can measure all of your marketing efforts together.
  • Bring your call centers leads to with a higher close rate.

With BOALT’s customized tracking software, we can provide you the actionable business intelligence you need for your phone leads.

Are you tracking your phone calls?
Call tracking gives you the 411 on your callers.
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