Add Dashboards, Advanced Segments and Reports
to your Analytics.

Google Analytics has an amazing feature. It allows users to share some of their custom dashboards, advanced segments, and reports with anyone they want. It’s a great way to show other users in your company or maybe even someone outside of your company, the way that you display your Analytics data. Check out some of the ones we use daily internally and with our client’s accounts. Simply click the link next to each descriptions and you’ll be able to add these features to your Analytics account. Modify the widget layouts and data to fit your needs.

Google Analytics Dashboards

Custom Google Analytics Dashboards are sets of easy to customize data widgets that provides you a way to visualize your data in easy-to-digest pieces.

Bloggers Dashboard

A basic dashboard for blogging websites or sites with blogs. It shows visitor data along side you most popular pages, social content and RSS subscriptions. A great pulse on your blog.

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Mobile Dashboard for eCommerce Sites

Want to compare how your eCommerce business does on mobile devices versus your regular site? Check out this dashboard.

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Site Maintenance Dashboard

Use this dashboard to keep an eye on your servers and page load speeds. A great dashboard for assessing problems with site performance.

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Goals Dashboard

Track your goals. How many were completed versus how many visitors came to site. Find out who are your top referrers.

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Visitors/Customers Dashboard

Understanding your customers is very important. Use this dashboard to see how many people visit your site, where they come from and how often they convert.

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Social Proof Dashboard

If social media is a big part of your marketing efforts, check out this dashboard. It pulls your overall site traffic, filters by social networks while showing you your most shared content.

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Site Revenue Dashboard

Get an idea of your site’s daily revenue with this dashboard. See how many sales you’ve made, pageviews, visitors and compare them to the top landing pages to see which products or services are performing the best.

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AdSense Dashboard

A lot of websites use AdSense to generate revenue. See how much revenue you’ve generated. Your top content and referring domains to understand how well AdSense is performing daily.

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Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Advanced Segment’s allow you choose what kind of visitors or traffic you want to use in your reporting. It makes the filtering process a bit more simplified by segmenting your traffic when it’s needed.

Visitor Traffic Data

Use this Advanced Segment to gauge how engaged your visitors are.

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Not Provided Filter

Everyone has encountered this at one time or another, the dreaded NOT PROVIDED data. Use this to filter out NOT PROVIDED, so you can focus on data that matters.

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Social Network Traffic

This Advanced Segment separates your social traffic from the rest of your traffic. Everything from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest.

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Blog Traffic

Use this Advanced Segment to filter your blog traffic. This is good for sites with a blog within their site. It will allow you to assess the blog separate from the main site.

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Google Analytics Reports

Google Custom Reporting allows you to design reports that are relevant to your particular business or site with the data that only you want to see or share.

eCommerce Traffic Report

In-depth report about the traffic for eCommerce sites. Compare your visits against you total revenue and the value per visitor.

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Keyword Performance Report

This report breaks down keywords by the pages they led to, then how engaged the users are once there and finally how well they converted.

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Content Report

Chart your page performance by comparing the numbers of visits with bounce rate.

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Link Engagement Report

Use this report to see which of your links are getting referral traffic and where they’re coming from. Then find out which of these referrals is converting.

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Campaign Conversions Report

Use this report to see which of your AdWords campaigns are converting the most organized by the goals and including visitor data.

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Content Analysis Report

Break down your pages by the visitor data. See how efficient your pages are and how well they are performing.

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Browser Report

Find out how well you’re performing on any given web browser or mobile device and which of those devices is converting the most.

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